A NaNoWriMo no-no

The novel I’d planned to write during National Novel Writing Month turned out to be farther along than I’d remembered. I thought I’d only written a few chapters of Learning Curves. I’d planned to abandon what I’d written and start over, writing from distant memory, but I’d actually done about 30,000 words, and that’s too much to ditch. Using previously written text is against the rules.

So instead, I’m working on an idea for which I have a few characters, a vague idea of how it starts and a couple of scenes along the way. In The Accidental Love Song, Broadway star Sara Summers finds herself blacklisted after she breaks off a romance with a powerful producer. In desperation, she flees to Los Angeles to start over. Rock guitarist Jesse Quick must rebuild his band after the lead singer quits. The band barely survived the death of Jesse’s older brother, whom he’d always considered a better guitarist. Sara shows up at a dance audition, only to discover it’s Jesse’s for a rock singer. Jesse goads her into singing and she nails it. The attraction is immediate, but she’d vowed to never mix business with pleasure again. He thinks she’s hot, but his emotions are still bottled up since his brother’s death a decade ago.

My inspiration comes from All That Jazz and A Star is Born (the Kris Kristofferson version). I’d hoped the recently departed Smash might be the TV version of All That Jazz, but I think most of the characters were too nice. Of course, this was network TV, and it has many restraints. Books have much more freedom, especially e-books.

So come November 1, I’ll be starting with a fresh Word template, a fully charged laptop and leftover Halloween candy. Only a few more days to wait.